About us

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the tradition of free roaming sheep in the Forest of Dean. Our association has been prominent in the Forest of Dean long before the introduction of the Forestry Commision. Founded over 100 years ago, our priorities are still the same today; we were set up as a means of representation for commoners, the stock and the common.

We currently have a substantial list of graziers who exercise their right to common and enjoy keeping the heart of the forest alive. We accept new members by means of a vote and our yearly membership runs from Dec-Dec.

Information on how to join can be given by the associations general secretary and his contact details can be found below.

To report any issues with free roaming sheep, please get in contact:

  • Contact:

    General Secretary of the Commoners Association

    Email 1: Commonersassociation@outlook.com

    Email 2: Commonersassociation@hotmail.co.uk

    Mobile: 07941502230

    Landline: 01594 827485

  • Information we require:

    In order to successfully and sufficiently resolve your problem, we will require the below details from informants:

    - Full name

    - Phone number for contact

    - Precise location of sheep using the “what3words” app where possible

    - Number of sheep found along with any markings

    - Brief description of problem

  • Emergency Situations:

    In emergency situations we will endevour to represent free roaming sheep in the Forest Of Dean that do not belong to Commoners Association members, however our priority will be sheep owned by our members.