Pure Wool Hats


These pure wool hats have been made by me, Pat Innocent, a valued member of the Commoners’ Association.  I sheared my own sheep, washed and boiled the wool, hand-spun and dyed it, and knitted it up.

I use natural dyes, such as tansy flowers, onion skins and walnut leaves, but buy in madder for red and indigo for blue.  The black, white and grey is the natural colour on the sheep’s back.

Natural dyeing is an inexact art, and each batch is unrepeatable and a bit unpredictable – it depends on when the plants are gathered, what soil they grow in, and even the acidity of the water they are boiled in.  This makes each hat unique.  There is probably some lanolin left in the wool, so they will repel a small amount of rain, but won’t keep you dry in a downpour.  However, unlike man-made fibre, pure wool keeps you warm even when wet.


There is no residue of sheep dip in the wool, as I don’t use it. I haven’t used any chemicals, so the hats are not moth-proof.  A fortnight in the freezer kills off all stages of its life cycle, then I store in airtight boxes with a bunch of lavender.

I can usually make hats to order if you describe your colours and design; it will take me about a week to make to specification.  They cost £15, and I can also make matching bobbles for £2 extra.  I can also supply hand-spun wool.  Post and packing is £3.49 for one hat or two, or you can collect from Lydbrook or some place suitable to us both.

To purchase a hat please send a message to the page describing the product you would like. Alternatively you can place your order via my email address at patinnocent@mail.com, describing the hat you want.  Thank you.